10015369 Burlington Italian Buffalo Leather Club Chair

We are often asked why Italian buffalo leather is better than other leathers in terms of luxury, appearance and performance.  To understand why Italian buffalo leather is a superior product, you first have to understand how Italians make leather. Italian leather tanning is as old as, well, Italy itself.  Tanning practices in Italy date back [...]

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10015368 Hamilton Tufted Italian Leather Club Chair

One of the benefits of working hard is living well.  And whether you own your own business or are an executive for a company, you get to dictate what your “lounge” looks like.  You might have a private office or you might have a home office, but either way – it’s your executive suite. A [...]

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70002115 Leather Weekend Travel Bag Luggage

The “road trip” is as much a part of Americana as baseball and apple pie.  It seems this year the dog days of summer decided to show up in the middle of June.  And when it’s time to get away you want to just grab a bag, throw it in the car and hit the [...]

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